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"Mother", the first soul known to a child. A living Goddess. There is a saying "God Could not be everywhere, So he created Mother". Mother's love could be the most purest and the most selfless love. A woman attains many roles throughout her life such as a daughter, young lady, a professionally successful woman, sister, aunt, mother and a grand mother. Out of all these roles her role of a mother is the greatest role she could play. A mother gives birth to her baby carving out her body and soul.

We all have women in our lives in many different forms such as sister, colleague, friend, neighbor, aunt, mother and grandmother, but we love our mother the most, as we take the utmost advantage, be the most naughtiful, receive abundant love and could be ourselves only with our mother. Mother's love for her child is so intimate that it starts right from the baby in womb. Of all the gifts that life has given us, Mother is the most precious one. The place of a mother could never be replaced by anyone one this world. Be kind to your mother, care for her, be with her.

Being mom and being with mom is the greatest boon anyone could get. Mother's Day is observed every year worldwide on 2nd Sunday of May. Share you love and affection with your mother on this day and make this day a great one for her.

If Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention, It's The Father Of Cooperation. And We're Cooperating Like Never Before.
Author : John Ashcroft
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mother Quotes

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